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Kristin Flannigan
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We have been with the PAC family for about a year and a half and our daughter loves it. The coaches are hands on and amazing. They know every Ninja by name as well as the parents. They incorporate values and life lessons in every class and create a fun environment for the kids to learn!

ken crean
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Our son joined almost a year ago when he turned 4. He absolutely loves going to class. He has matured a lot this last year and taking these classes has definitely helped. The people there are great. Coach Leo and Ana are so nice and helpful as are all the coaches. They truly care about our son and are very encouraging. They make the classes fun but they also get exercise, structure and lessons good for every day life. We just signed up for another year and we are excited to watch our little man progress the next year with the help of Gracie Pac!!

Elaine Almirola
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Gracie PAC is a wonderful dojo. They offer so much more than instruction. All of the staff is extremely professional and caring. My son loves attending and enjoys learning new techniques and leveling up. They do a great job of engaging the students during classes. Good character and leadership qualities are also strongly emphasized in their program. We have been very pleased with our experience thus far and would highly recommend them if you are searching for a MMA home.

Millie Jennings
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This is a great school focused on the fundamentals of the art and core principles of being an all around good person. There are multiple facilitators in each class to ensure the students are learning proper form and keep a good flow in the class. The children not only need to excel in class but at home and school to be promoted. You are immediately welcomed as part of the Gracie PAC family when you come in. All of the coaches and Professor take the time to greet and learn every student’s name. I can’t speak for the adult program but my daughter enjoys going to class and attending the various programs the school hosts in addition to class for the kids and their families. Ready to Rock! Ready to Roll!!

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I could not recommend Gracie PAC MMA enough. Our entire family trains there and not only it the adult class awesome with great coaches and fellow students, but Gracie PAC MMA has THE BEST kids training classes. They not only teach them marital arts, but also life skills (Respect, Focus, Teamwork, and Fitness) and earn stripes for each. They can even earn "stars" on their gi uniform for their school achievements and attendance. It’s a well-rounded curriculum to be better physically and mentally.

Elizabeth Colon
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This place is very family friendly and the schedule is wonderful for working parents. My daughter’s birthday just passed and they took the time to send her a personalized birthday video which we truly appreciated. They have a way of making your child feel welcomed and included from the first day that they start the program and that is very kind of them to do.Over all my child who is the most shy person in the world is now making friends and her confidence has gone through the roof and they teach them life lesson as well. I would most definitely recommend Gracie Pac MMA to anyone.

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