Stranger Danger Free Community Event

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we need to teach personal safety for kids and make them aware of potentially dangerous people and situations.
At Gracie PAC, we are qualified to educate others about situational awareness, avoidance, and preparation as we’ve taught thousands of kids.
Join us for our FREE Stranger Danger Seminar on Friday, March 10th at 7:45pm.
Only 15 Spots Available!*
We will be teaching your child the importance of:
-The 4 Rules of Personal Safety
-How Strangers Use Lures
-Our Drop and Lock System to Stop Any Stranger
All attending families will receive a FREE Parents Checklist! Friends & Family Welcome!
*New Students ONLY – Due to the limited amount of spots available we will only be taking new students for this event. ALL GPAC Ninjas will receive this lesson during their regularly scheduled classes.
Free Addons
Free Gracie PAC T-Shirt for All Attendees Free Gracie PAC T-Shirt for All Attendees
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Our Location
5040 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL 33624, USA
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