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Virtual Martial Arts Program

You are invited to participate in Virtual Martial Arts training at Gracie PAC Martial Arts!

The Details

We look forward to providing the most exciting, fun, and interactive virtual training to keep our students engaged and advancing in their Martial Arts journey. In order to do this, we expect the following from our Gracie PAC Families:

• Students are expected to show up in full uniform to virtual class. 

• Please attend the virtual classes that correspond with your level of training. If you have any questions regarding which classes you should attend, please send us a message or give us a call.

The Details Continued...

• We will be using an awesome and reliable LIVE streaming platform called ZOOM to provide our virtual classes. If you are new to ZOOM, please watch this 1 minute video on what to expect when clicking the link to join your class 

Please prepare an open space with a flat surface in front of your computer or webcam to eliminate the possibility of injuries during participation. 

Thank You For Your Support

Let’s be respectful of the class size and only attend the class that corresponds to your rank and program. Thank you to all our PAC families for your understanding and commitment to your child’s training during these unprecedented times in our community.

Right now our top priority is the safety and good health of our students and their families. The ability to provide training virtually and keep our students engaged in Martial Arts is just an added bonus!

As a reminder: Due to the ever-changing influx of information surrounding COVID-19, we ask you to please stay tuned on our social media pages for any updates or changes to our policies.

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Virtual Martial Arts Training Schedule

Check out all of the Class Options that our students have! Questions? Give us a call at 813-244-1293 or shoot us an email at [email protected]. Our Team will continue be in house to serve all your needs!

Tiny Ninja & Lil Ninja Zoom Links

• Monday/Wednesday - 4:30PM - Tiny Ninja:

•Monday/Wednesday - 5PM - LiL Ninja Intermediate:

•Monday/Wednesday - 6:30PM - LiL Ninja Beginner:

•Tuesday/Thursday - 4:30PM - Tiny Ninja:

•Tuesday/Thursday - 5:00PM - LiL Ninja Beginner:

•Friday - 5:00PM - LiL Ninja Elite:

•Friday - 6:30PM - LiL Ninja & Jr. Warrior Elite:

Jr. Warrior & Teen Titan Zoom Links

•Monday/Wednesday - 5:45PM - Jr. Warrior/Teen Beginner:

•Tuesday/Thursday - 5:45PM - Jr. Warrior/Teen Intermediate:

•Tuesday/Thursday - 6:30PM - Jr. Warrior/Teen Advanced:

•Tuesday/Thursday - 7:15PM - Jr. Warrior/Teen Beginner:

•Friday - 5:45PM - Jr. Warrior/Teen Elite:

•Friday - 6:30PM - LiL Ninja & Jr. Warrior Elite:

•Saturday - 10:00AM - Masters Club:

Adult Zoom Links

•Monday - Thursday - 6:00PM - Jiu Jitsu:

•Monday - Thursday - 7:00PM - Kickboxing/Fitness:

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Live Streaming Disclaimer

Live Streaming Disclaimer:  As you all know, our studio took steps responding to the risk of COVID-19 and remains committed to those procedures. In order to better protect our community we are now offering Live Streaming of classes. Live Streaming will be an option until further notice.

If you choose to participate in Live Streaming, then please make sure to clear a safe space to train as we have no control of your home environment (e.g. flooring,  furniture placement, or any other hazards). Due to the restrictions Live Streaming places on our own instructors, we will not be able to offer the same level of instruction you are accustomed to. 

Most Live Streaming Platforms include recording capabilities, if you choose to participate in Virtual Classes you consent to being recorded. 
By participating in Virtual Classes, you and your student acknowledge these additional hazards. The waiver of liability you have signed when you enrolled will apply to all training hazards, including all additional hazards, that may or may not be listed above.  

On Demand Classes

Access On Demand Videos Here
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